About Friendly Feud

THE ARCH RIVALS COMPANY is bringing a bit of Hollywood to St. Louis with our newest game, Friendly Feud!

Friendly Feud offers the crowd involvement of our other games, but challenges players in a new way.  In the game, trivia question have been replaced with survey questions, and teams compete by trying to guess the top answers.  Anyone can play, and anyone can win!

As always, our goal is simple: to draw customers during otherwise slower times of the week, sell food and drink to those customers, and make those new customers "regulars".

Each week, Friendly Feud incorporates humor, song clips and game show elements to create a memorable night for your customers, which is sure to bring them back again and again!

Key Production Points

  Each Friendly Feud event consists of  four eight-question survey rounds.

●  Each round is a new game and anyone can play.

●  After each question is asked, a popular song relating to the question is played for 15-20 seconds.

●  Teams answer each question with what they believe will the most popular answer.

●  Points are awarded based on the placement of each answer in the survey.

●  At the end each round, the audience is encouraged to participate in the guessing and revealing of the answers.

●  The team with the most correct answers at the end of each round wins a prize, typically a gift card, courtesy of the host location.

●  Total runtime for each round is 20-30 minutes.

●  Total investment includes set-up, tear down, sound system, game material and continuous entertainment.

"Name the best way to stop the hiccups."0









"Name a famous car from a movie or TV show."


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