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THE ARCH RIVALS COMPANY is excited to bring Rock and Roll Bingo to St. Louis!

Rock and Roll Bingo is more interactive than karaoke, and certainly cheaper than live bands.  It is also unique.

Rock and Roll Bingo offers the crowd involvement of our Weekly Bar Trivia Contests, but challenges players in a completely different way.  Instead of answering trivia questions, players must be able to identify the artists played to be able to mark off their bingo card.

As always, our goal is simple: to draw customers during otherwise slower times of the week, sell food and drink to those customers, and make those new customers "regulars".

Each week, Rock and Roll Bingo incorporates a wide variety musical artists, song clips, and game show elements to create a memorable night for your customers, which is sure to bring them back again and again!

Key Production Points

  Each Rock and Roll Bingo event consists of multiple games, and anyone can play.

●  Each game features various musical genres, including Oldies, Disco, Country, Hip Hop and Pop.

●  Artists included range from Frank Sinatra to Taylor Swift.

●  A series of song clips are played, ranging in length from 15 to 20 seconds.

●  The first person with a bingo (five in a row) wins a prize, courtesy of the host location.

● The addition of music adds an interesting twist to the game, as players must identify the artists played.

●  Each game is approximately 10-15 minutes, with up to 8 full games and a Cover-All played per night.

●  Total investment includes set-up, tear down, sound system, game material and continuous entertainment.


Fundraising Rock and Roll Bingo Package

A truly unique fundraising opportunity for your group, club or non-profit organization!

●  Emcee


●  12 Complete Games


●  Over 2500 Unique Cards


●  Our most popular games


●  Professional Sound System


●  A full evening of fun!


Available now for
Friday or Saturday evenings!

Call for details!
(314) 368-1231


The "Light Blue Special" Game

Rock and Roll Bingo features one game designated as the "Light Blue Special".  Each "Light Blue Special" is played on light blue paper and features a different subject.  This feature adds variety to the evening, allowing players to hear songs and artist that might not be heard in a regular Rock and Roll Bingo Game. 

We add new games regularly, and in many situations, they can relate to timely events, such as the change in seasons or upcoming holidays.  We also produced a "Light Purple Special" game following the death of Prince in the spring of 2016, when audience demand for his music was at an all-time high.

We offer many different "Light Blue Special" games including:

The Beatles British Invasion Christmas Songs
"Color" Songs Cover Songs Disco
80's Hair Bands Halloween Songs Ladies Names
Motown Movie Songs Party Songs
One-Hit Wonders TV Theme Songs "Weird Al" Parodies
Current Pop Hits Worst Song of All-Time ...and many more!

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